Adolescents’ New Addiction

This way is that this writer contrasting the ravages of substance misuse to star worship, but instead it appears at the teenagers of today with a different set of eyes. This kind of value system has been seen from the Grammys this season. You must wonder exactly what it means if celebrity Amy Winehouse is singing”No, No, No” Struggling to go to rehab to manage a drug dependence becomes a massive Grammy winner. She had been at the news with reports? What exactly does this inform our teens? It sends the message that it is attractive to maintain the throes of a drug dependency rather than getting help because of it. Teens are not only imitating the clothing, cosmetics celebrities, and jewelry use, but today view dependency as glamorous. This is not new in culture.

Actors and many musicians have died deaths against dependency and a lot more will perish in the drug outbreak. Janis Joplin, musician, glamorized medication from the 1960’s expiring at 27 of a medication overdose. We seen a onslaught of specials constituting the upsetting existence of College teen porn. Her life has been seen more times than news worthy stories that were true. Adolescence is a period of soul searching and locating an identity. In addition, it can be a moment that is very vulnerable and impressionable. However, this line has been crossed by the current identity creation. Teen idolization is turning into a matter. Teens are undergoing surgery to get lips like Angelina Jolie and dividing dimples within their chins to appear like John Travolta. Has the press gone too far?

Adolescents' New Addiction

Scientists have discovered a correlation with depression and celebrity worship as well as nervousness. Which happens first, the chicken or the egg else does this matter? Does melancholy does dependency lead or lead to addiction. The main point is there’s been an outbreak of teens that think they’re eligible to become renowned and certainly will become famous. Mimicking celebrities’ drug behaviour is the thing that they could possibly come to knowing or being a star. Teens consider becoming renowned is a cure for all life’s struggles. Our society is at middle of getting famous and raising a generation of narcissists whose sole sense of self love is about entitlement.